So, how do you think OGame will be "ruined" with the 9.0.0 update?

  • Tomorrow the PTS universes are going to be updated to 9.0.0-beta5, which (to me at least) is the first public preview of the update.

    April 26: Version 9.0.0-beta5 (PTS only)

    There is no changelog yet, but with the previous major version updates, Gameforge has fundamentally changed the way OGame is played, either greatly improving or ruining it, depending on your view. The biggest example of this was the Discoverer Class, and the introduction of a brand new major source of income, completely out of balance with regular fleeters or miners.

    So, with the new release coming out, what might we see? Nothing is too wacky of an idea.

  • They promised the biggest ever content update with V8 and they only introduced alliance classes, improved fleet menu and minor changes.

    So we can expect they will release this amazing "new content" in V9 (because they delayed to make sure it is well developed and game tested :D )


  • 9.0 does suggest it's a major update. I would be disappointed if it was just more background changes, unless those fix the lag and bugs. It could be a lot of things.

    Merge item?

    Return of the marketplace?

    Make laser technology useful after level 12? Make gravity tech useful after level 1?

    New ships? New buildings? New defenses? More class stuff?

  • I really hope it's the return of a marketplace in some it or hate it because of the market manipulation that ensued, but one thing it did was get the extroverts trading that don't like to communicate ingame, via forums, and/or discord. It was also a nice avenue for those of us that have hundreds, if not thousands of items that we won't use in our inventory to trade with players that would find them useful and who don't use DM.

    We can get reapers and pathfinders without being a General or Disco, but we can't get crawlers unless we're a Collector so having the MP back to buy and sell those would be invaluable.

    The merge token would be nice so we don't have to go mode and wait it out for a graveyard merge...

    Somehow being able to allow research to allow us to jump resources through gates, use allied gates to launch from their moons, etc. would be nice and a huge game-changer.

    Turn the big (I) inactive accounts into bots...if GF can't beat 'em, then join 'em.

  • AI accounts would be interesting if it was PvE and not PvBot.

    Fixed or limited range Market place is also a good idea IMO.

    Better support is a must. Both in terms of tools and support for the volunteers who keep this game functioning. Some backend development on the support tools would be incredible value for money in terms of player satisfaction and game balance.

    It would also pay to offer the vols better terms across the board for ogame. Better tools + more motivated staffing (because of said tools and better renumeration) = better player experience.

    Interested to see what comes up, and excited to see how horribly it's implemented.


  • didnt realize this was a wish list :p

    oh sure its something thats pretty balanced,

    like Discoverer was


    Vreme će proći pa moći će svi da vide

    Kako stojimo ponosni, večni ko piramide

  • Anything else besides some antibot is useless, biggest issue of this game currently is bot usage,lag and anything else is just minor stuff comparing to that.So lets hope its something useful this time.

    The Monster

  • as far as features go, it's time to introduced upkeep / maintenance cost for fleet

    Right now it's all about making as many ships as possible with barely any strategy involved

    which is diametrically opposed of the strategy in making mines

    doing research, sending expos etcetc

    thats just what fleeters need

    another slap on the wrist, because stupid/not-well defined rules

    are not enough


    Vreme će proći pa moći će svi da vide

    Kako stojimo ponosni, večni ko piramide

  • please stop expecting miners to understand the game, they just want to get upset at you because they got crashed after sitting offline for 17 years

  • i heard that with 9.0.0 whale accounts (over 5b of points) will be able to attack you even if you are v moded and to lanx your fleet even in recalled deploy

    "But when does a comet become a meteor?

    When does a candlе become a blaze?

    Whеn does a man become a monster?

    When does a ripple become a tidal wave?

    When does the reason become the blame?

    When does a man become a monster?"

  • The same would apply to defense and this would be an optional feature in new unis. It would be completely different gameplay with more strategy and less brainless clicking in the shipyard.


  • lol what do you know about strategy? all you is login twice a day and 'brainlessly click' send from your planet cargos to your moon

  • Rich coming from a guy who only knows how to buy resources packs from others.

    Hope they get the merger item out for V9 and bring back a new and improved marketplace.

    Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

  • nice to see im still living rent free in your head mikey boy

  • Haha you wish my dude, but we all had a good laugh at how much you spend on this game and yet still a noob.

    To add to this thread.

    A mobile app is late but nice, but still late. A good addition for V9.0

    Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.