Settings change

  • Hello everybody!

    It's been more than a year since last setting change in universe Andromeda. I talked to players from our universe and we are for some changes. I saw, many communites have special unis with 10x eco, can we have it too?

    Settings now:

    - eco speed - x7
    - research speed - x7

    - deuterium consumption - 1

    My suggestion (If possible to have this special settings):
    - eco speed - x10
    - research speed - x20

    - deuterium consumption - 0.5

    If it is not possible to have x10 eco, we would like to have:

    - eco speed - x8

    - research speed - x16

    - deuterium consumption - 0.5

    Game is at late stage now, would be more interesting to have little boost, to grow easier. Research speed is really needed, it take really too much time with current settings.

    Best regards, CornerTwist


  • I agree on faster research speed and lower deuterium consumption. Not in favor on faster eco but don't have anything against it either so I'm fine either way.

  • Hello there!

    Thank you for poking me!

    As far as I know, normally we don't offer to make an already existing universe into a x10 eco universe. This setting is given to new universes.

    We can discuss the possibility of allowing older universe to have this setting.

    Other than that, the request for a round of polls to change settings is valid. We can certainly accomodate this.

    Thank you for pointing out that closed universes still have open forums. We'll update the forum structure in the coming days.

  • Hello again Lorovus

    I saw new unis are opening, 3 of them are special with 10x eco. Since it is only question when on .si will be new server (small chance to get x10 probably) and last uni was openend in 2019, i think it is cool to get us x10 eco, so .si community could have this special uni too :)

    We are still waiting for changes. :)

    Also thanks to rearrange forum section, now it looks much better :)


  • So, 10x eco universe setting is preferred for new universes. Setting up Andromeda or Fornax to this would be possible, but I think it would be preferable to make a new uni with this setting instead. Also because we can only have one uni with this setting, I'm sure both Andromeda and Fornax players would like this for their uni. The next opportunity to open a uni for us will be the next time new universes open, after this one.

    About changing current uni settings, I wanted to ask, which settings would you like to change? Normally, we offer to change eco, fleet speed, research speed, DF, deut consumption and DF to def (yes/no). Would you like any other choices in the poll?

  • Hi!

    I understand, that x10 eco is always new unis.

    So about settings. Above are written our wishes. So for pools, I think it is ok to contain all your examples:
    - eco x8

    - research x16

    - deut consumption 0.5

    You can add other settings to vote like (But i think they won't be voted):

    - Fleet speed x2

    - DF 50%

    - DF to def NO (now is NO too)

    And about new server, if it comes with 10x eco, I would tottaly join it. I think it is possible to create pools ingame for new universes and I belive, the best would be to make this pool before it will open.

    Thank you, CornerTwist

  • Eco x8 and research x16 would be perfect (since research now is the same as eco). Deut. consumption would also be a welcome change.

    I think most of the players on Andromeda are against fleet speed change because it goes against our routine. At least I am.