Settings change

  • Hi Lorovus !

    I saw the results, most of them are like expected, only deut consumption is little odd. Since i am in contact with most players (all of them wanted 50%, but it wasn't in pool...), i belive there were missunderstanding by players what exactly means 100% deut consumption. They probably thought that 100% is better than 70%. Could be deut 70% instead of 80%. We even wanted 50%, but wasn't possible to choose on pools, I belive we would like to have 50% and could it be possible to implement it even now?

    Best regards, CornerTwist

  • Hey there!

    I understood some of you wished 50%, but we generally don't want to offer too drastic change from the current settings, that's why it wasn't in the poll as an option. Though 70% got the most votes, it wasn't two-thirds majority of all votes, but added with the 4 votes for 80% made that option the "winning" one. How did players misunderstand how deuterium consumption percentage works?

  • I understand that 50% would be too drastic change.

    My guess about deuterium consumption is, that players thought that bigger is better, not sure if all of them even understand what deuterium consumption means. Also maybe they are not familiar with english words.

    If results of pools are final and can't be changed then ok.

    At this point i would like to thank you in my name and name of universe, that you make changes possible :)

    Best regards, Cornertwist

  • Another round of settings change polls is of course possible. By default we prefer to wait at least 6 months before the next opportunity for settings changes. ;) Making another poll now might be even more confusing.