Andromeda Settings Change - Info thread

  • Dear players,

    the poll for the server setting change of Andromeda has finished and the results are in:

    Suggested Settings Amount of votes %
    Economy: 6x | Research: 6x | All Fleets: 3x | Debris Field: 50% 1 3,57%
    Economy: 6x | Research: 12x | All Fleets: 3x | Debris Field: 80% 2 7,14%
    I don't want any changes - Andromeda should stay as it is 9 32,14%
    Economy: 8x | Research: 16x | All Fleets: 5x | Debris Field: 50% 16 57,14%

    As a next step we will now request the changes of the settings and find an appropriate date to perform those changes.

    I will inform you once a date has been decided.