Ogame page not loading on PC

  • I am having a strange problem since this morning. The Ogame webpage simply won't load on the computer, but seems to be working fine on the mobile.

    I tried emptying the cache, restarting the computer, restarting the modem, installed 2 different browsers, different ISP, nothing works.

    At this point I am starting to think that the problem is not on my side, is there some maintenance going on?

  • I am using a laptop. I cannot access to the Ogame Lobby, it shows a blank page. So it is impossible to login at all. It is something urgent, hopefully GF is notified and attack block is put in place, otherwise it is going to be messy.

  • in general game has been slow as molasses in the past few weeks, expected improvement with last patch but meh, it's probably worse after it.

    every page in game takes forever to load, especially fleet and messages, whether it's with or without addons, Win7, Win10, android, firefox, chrome, doesn't matter

    slow as hell

    yeah I know reset browser and clear cookies, not cutting it when the issue is across devices and platforms, that's troubleshooting ala 3rd word service desk....