Let me get this straight...

  • *SNIP*

    If you have a problem with my actions, bring it to me directly. Reposting a thread that I've already told you doesn't belong here is only going to end badly for you.

    Warned. ~Rav3n

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  • All I can say is name one single person in Ferdinand who got a ban for cheating?
    I'll wait...oh yeah, nobody can.

    So basically according to the mods/GO's whatever u call them NOBODY is cheating.

    Seems, legit.

  • That's the actual level of competence

    "We don't do nothing and we close all the thread what's showing how incompetence we are"

    should be the answer

    To not mention they probably allow all this for their earnings. Who knows?

    Are you a NoVax? just asking for a friend :crazy:

    if after all these years you still didn't understand that the problem is the privacy policy and that the staff power are limited by that i don't think there is a chance you'll ever understand, but please, don't talk about "incompetence" cause you clerarly have no clue in how this game works

  • Rav3n

    Closed the thread.