Universe Settings Change Polls 2022

  • Hello Commanders!

    Per the request of some of you, we are offering settings change polls in Andromeda and Fornax universes. Each player (above a certain treshold of points) will be getting an in-game message with a link to the poll. The link to the poll is unique for each player, so if you want to vote at a later time than receiving the message, please save the link! The polls will be open for one week. The week after, we will evaluate the votes and publish the results. After the results are published, we will schedule implementing the changes (if any).

    The common poll options offered here are for Economy speed, Research speed, Fleet speed, Debris Field percentage, Defense to Debris yes/no and Deuterium Consumption percentage. The current settings are noted in the poll and are also among the poll options. Those who wish to keep current settings need to vote for those options. To change a setting, a two-third majority vote is required for the change. Furthermore, we will be adding votes together in favor of desired changes. For example, if 6 players vote for eco 5x, 7 vote for 7x and 17 vote for eco 8x, eco 8x doesn't have enough votes, but eco 7x with eco 8x does (17+7=24 is more than two-third of 30), eco 7x is the "winning" option. Those players who didn't vote will not be counted in the result evaluation. Note that research speed shown in the poll is based on eco speed - so "eco speed" means research will be the same as eco speed and "2x" is double that of eco speed.

    Feel free to discuss among yourselves which settings you want to vote for and we hope at least a few changes will be to your liking. :wink3:

  • Hello Commanders!

    The results are in for Andromeda and Fornax universes settings change polls. After evaulating the results, the following changes will be requested to these universes:

    Andromeda: Peaceful fleet speed 2x, economy speed 8x, research speed 16x, debris field 40%, deuterium consumption 80%

    Fornax: Economy speed 8x, research speed 16x, deuterium consumption 70%

    You may see the specific results below.

  • Hello Commanders!

    The changes you voted for as described above are scheduled to be realised in live universes (Andromeda and Fornax) on 27th of June (Monday) around 11:00.

    Happy Hunting!