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  • Hello commanders!

    With the introduction of the new OGame App, the current iPad application will be removed from the AppStore.
    This means that every iPad account that is not connected to a Gameforge.com account might be lost.

    In order to prevent any issues please make sure to make the account portable.

    When opening the iPad app the following message pop up:

    Go to the account list and click on the mentioned symbol:ipadPT.png

    Add the desired email/password:

    As stated, insert a valid email address and the desired password (it will be the Lobby credentials to login on a browser) and click "Make portable".

    The last step is to open the browser on your computer or smartphone and login with the credentials chosen above.
    - If the used credentials are for a new Lobby account, as soon as you login the new Gameforge.com account will be created and the game account linked to it.
    - If the used credentials are from an existent Lobby, when accessing to you game accounts list you'll see a warning with "We have found more game accounts that use the same email address. Click here and link them to your lobby!". After clicking on it you'll get a email message with a link to confirm, click on it and the account will be added to the Lobby.

    If you have any questions please contact us through the support system.

    Your OGame Team

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