📲 OGame Mobile - updates

  • Hi all,

    Later today, Thursday 1st of December, we will update OGame Mobile App with version 2.9.0


    • Fixed an issue where the high score filters went off screen
    • Fixed an issue where the Asian and Arabic fonts displayed boxes
    • Fixed a variety of smaller localisation issues
    • Fixed an issue where the refill button was not aligned properly

    Added Features:

    • Jump gates
    • Alliance overview
    • Alliance search and create
    • BGL news categories and removed starting times
    • Added a button to the lobby to speed up the account creation on the latest servers
    • New game accounts will now be directed to class selection

    Note: Alliance features are still in development. This is not the final version regarding that and should be considered in Beta phase

    Known issues:

    • Resource trader is visually broken

    Kind regards,

    Your OGame Team

    If you see this, the image broke!
    OGame.org & OGame.us Admin

  • Hello commanders!

    Today, 6th of December, we will update OGame Mobile with version 3.0.0

    - Fixed an issue that levels in the build list all had the same level
    - Fixed an issue that caused spy messages to display placeholders
    - Fixed an issue that the planet sorting didn't work well when you have to scroll in that menu
    - Fixed an issue that alliance overview broke

    · Artefacts added

    Your OGame Team

  • Hello commanders!

    On Thursday, 15th of December, we will update OGame Mobile with version 3.1.0


    [BugFix]: Fixed some wrongly cropped messages

    [BugFix]: Fixed the Lifeform technology selection chance always displaying 25%

    [Polishing]: Added some missing translations in the item shop and the LifeForm technology screen

    [Polishing]: Reversed the colours and numbers in the high score overview to show the correct gain/loss of ranks

    [BugFix]: Fixed high score filters not persisting after switching between player/alliance rank screens

    [BugFix]: Fixed a bug that made the high score screen disappear

    [BugFix]: The fleet movement screen is now able to correctly display fleets that take multiple days/weeks to arrive

    [BugFix]: Fixed an error that prevented players from sharing combat reports

    [BugFix]: Fixed an issue that results in persistent pop-up messages

    [Polishing]: Removed a broken selectable language in the settings

    [Polishing]: Lobby promotions date/times are now correctly localized

    [BugFix]: Fixed some issues with displayed values in the tech info screen

    [Polishing]: After initiating a tear down of a building, the “cancel” option is now displayed correctly

    [Polishing]: The tear down button for the Nanite factory is now correctly disabled during shipyard upgrades

    [BugFix]: Fixed a visual bug for the resource merchant

    [BugFix]: Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed the levels of buildings in a queue

    [Polishing]: Removed the broken icon for the wreck field merchant ship in the fleet movement screen

    [BugFix]: Fixed the relocation warning popping up on the wrong planet

    [Polishing]: Added missing relocation warning pop-ups

    [Polishing]: Lifeform discovery mission pop up now only shows up if the technology is unlocked

    [BugFix]: Fixed the display of the food resource on the moon

    [BugFix]: Fixed the tooltip of class exclusive ships

    [BugFix]: Fixed some issues with the display of the alliance overview screen

    [Polishing]: Lifeform EXP is now added to LifeForm discovery reports

    [BugFix]: Fixed some jump gate inconsistencies

    [BugFix]: Lifeforms on different planets are now correctly shown

    [BugFix]: Fixed an error related to moon facilities

    [BugFix]: Fixed an issue that prevented players from joining a new universe

    [New]: Added the option to change universes inside the game round

    [New]: Added a confirmation pop-up for buying shop items

    [New]: Added the missing confirmation for deleting planets

    [New]: Added missing messages from the web version

    [New]: Added a visual indicator to show planets that are on LifeForm discovery cooldown

    [New]: Added the missing option to enable/disable the Outlaw warning

    Bear in mind that there's a Apple/Android stores review process and having the version available depends on it.

    Your OGame Team

  • Hello Commanders,

    On Thursday, 12th of January, we will update OGame Mobile App with version 3.2.0


    - Fixed broken fonts for various languages

    - Fixed missing or wrong translations in various languages

    - Fixed a bug that prevented you from sending discovery missions on colonies with a LifeForm other than humans

    - Fixed issues regarding saving in-game settings

    - Fixed a bug that results in an error on the alliance overview for members without any rights

    - The forum button now redirects you to the correct website corresponding to your language

    - Reaper harvests are not being reported as Recycler harvests anymore

    - Fixed incorrect or missing alliance information messages

    - Fixed highscore names sometimes being wrongly displayed

    - Added missing confirmations for buying items inside the inventory

    - Text inside the fleet movement details can no longer overflow


    - Non-LifeForm servers now also use the new construction queue UI

    Note: The new version will be available as soon as it's approved by Google/Apple.


    Your OGame Team

  • ohnomyphone.png

    Hello commanders!

    On Thursday, 26th of January, we will update OGame Mobile App with version 3.3.0.


    • [BugFix]: Fixed issues regarding the game settings menu
    • [BugFix]: Fixed an error with deleting messages that resulted in a crash
    • [BugFix]: Fixed the alliance overview screen for members without rights
    • [Polishing]: Resource images are now scaled correctly when cargo is loaded
    • [BugFix]: Fixed building image being greyed out, although is possible to build
    • [Polishing]: Removed the option to sort planets if only 1 planet is available
    • [BugFix]: Fixed a bug that created a duplicate entry in the building queue
    • [BugFix]: Fixed some issues regarding the icons in the bottom panel on wider screens
    • [New]: Added missing translations
    • [New]: Added a loading icon for the shop
    • [Polishing]: Changed Dark Matter shop tiles and added some animations

    Bear in mind that there's a Apple/Android stores review process and having the version available depends on it.

    Your OGame Team