Expeditions for newbie

  • Sorry guys, I'm new back here after many years away and I'm starting to get my head round it all, but I have no idea what 'expeditions' is, even though I see it in the game and it's talked about alot. Could someone give me a basic guide to what it is and how to use it please?

  • You can send expeditions either through Galaxy (top right corner, in line of coordinates) or through Fleet dispatch by inserting "16" for planet coordinates and selecting expeditions icon.

    First send what you have. After you get few ships always send your best combat ship (Battle ship, then Battle cruiser, and at the end Destroyer or Reaper (Reapers are just faster, so you get to 16. slot faster); and it's enough just one battle ship). Better battle ships allows you to find better ships on expeditions. It's important to always send one Pathfinder because it doubles rewards. And it's optional to send Espionage probe for additional info. Of course, don't forget about cargos, Large or Small cargos (smaller are faster later in the game). Enough to pick up all of the possible resources. See this calculator how many cargos are needed, it's dependent on eco of the universe: https://expocalc.universeview.be/

    Be mindful of how many times you send expeditions in the same system. The same slot can be depleted. If you are not sending expeditions repeatedly into the same system it should not be a problem. 10x per day, spread throughout the day is fine. For faster universes (higher fleet speed) it's usually okay to send from the same planet or moon to neighbouring systems, for slower universes (fleet speed 2x, 1x) it's much more efficient to send expeditions from different planets or moons (that you have in different systems) into the same system (i.e. the same system that you have your planet in, for quicker traveling time).

    Always send for 1h. More than that gives you little advantage. The frequency of sending expeditions throughout the day gives you more gain in general.

    If you start at new universe, maximum possible rewards are determent by the points of the best player on the ladder. See calculator for that.

    A lot of this it's much easier with an addon. OGLight, for example, pretty much automates all of what I said above.

    Good luck!

  • What was raiding inactives long ago, today is sending expos. It's way more easier, profitable and demands much less time. The only catch is you need to be a discoverer class to get the huge gains on expos.

  • Thanks Kelenken, that makes sense

    So if I have say 100 SC to start with, should I just send all of those out in one go? should I separate them into smaller numbers? or should I not send anything until I have a fighting fleet as well?

  • you don't need a fighting fleet

    split the cargos you have to fill all expos slots, keep building cargos with everything you get, scale up the number of cargos until you hit the maximum amount

    if you have researched pathfinder then of course send them for the bonus, and if not work your way towards researching them

    I would suggest starting out in an older uni because no one will bother to touch a a newbie account and you can also ask players for some starting resource help