the time has come

  • played off and on since 2005..was hardcore during 2005-2009 the golden years before the redisign,ogame is just a shadow of its former self.

    what the heck happened, when a new uni started back in the day,13k ppl across 9 galaxies played,what the heck happened,theres 10 ppl online in my uni that started in january.

    gameforge has ran this game to the ground,used to be such a good game,a game where i would wake up in the middle of night cause i had a dream my fleet got crashed,now i can leave my fleet for days and not get probed one time

    game is boring and dead and when my fleet lands its vacay time and adios to never return,like the 1000s and 1000s before me

    well happy hunting and have fun...oh wait there is no fun to be had

  • i wish you can give up readly. first days you fell that you live in a void area or you have extra time after that it is easy. i started 2005 on tr universe and after that org as well. those times was good for amusement but after that angry times or anxiety for fleet :)

    i have only board account for the sake of those good times remembering :)

    turn to real life.

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