Moved over from Quasar after being inactive for half a year - 1.7 million points - looking for alliance!

  • Moved over from Quasar (looks like it got deleted?) to Dorado today. I wanted the slow uni experience again, no time for all of that 16x travel boosts.

    I'm generally pretty clueless as to what's what in this universe but am looking for a guild. I'm going for a miner/turtle/raid inactives playstyle at the moment. I have 1.7 million points / rank 138

  • Welcome to Donato 'Nam! Which is what the original inhabitants affectionately call Dorado.

    Dorado is slow...but there are still some folks here that get out and about looking for profit so be mindful that you still have to fleet save and not let resources build up too much.

    WICKED is probably the most active ally but unless you know someone in their roster they'd probably not approve an application.

    For a miner ally, I would recommend TTN as they look to be the most active "miner" style ally...though spedry does like to fly long and far from the safety of his turtle shell.

    There are a few other "miner" allies that have popped up here and there with 1 to 3 members, but TTN is probably the largest and most active.

    We have an unofficial Discord for Donato 'Nam: