Lifeforms Live release - Halley uni

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    Hello commanders!

    It was April, the 26th, when the OGame community was presented with a new game changer extension named Lifeforms: OGame - New expansion Lifeforms

    Our lonely universe Bermuda that since quite some time was asking for new guests finally got its wish granted and several curious players from all over the OGame communities reactivated or created a new account. Bermuda was expecting some activity, but it was surprising the number of players that joined this adventure and our Bermuda had to adapt in several ways to welcome and accommodate all guests – the sun was shining brighter, and our Bermuda was happier than ever with all the discussions around. Discussion with which we all learned and tried to react as soon as was Human, Rock’Tal, Mecha, Kaeleshly possible. Thanks to the amazing player base we were able to tackle several issues and adapt some features.

    The fun of progress is doing it together and Bermuda was in bliss with all the new friends!

    From the 2 months of PTS phase 3 major balance patches were applied:

    - May 19 balance notes

    - June 15 balance notes

    - July 7 balance notes

    The time for the next step has arrived! A brand new live universe with Lifeforms starts on July 11.

    The selected community for it is with universe Halley.

    Universe Halley Settings

    4x Economy speed

    2x Fleet speed (Peaceful, Holding and War)

    8x Research speed

    9 Galaxies

    Circular Galaxies and Systems

    50% Debris Fields

    100% deuterium consumption

    ACS ON

    Note: A different Graveyard server is available for Lifeforms accounts.

    We don’t want to stop here and every player experience and love for our game is precious to us. We hope that we can continue what was build and evolving together.

    For more detailed information about Lifeforms techs please check the LF_Master file:

    Bermuda and all the OGame Team would like to express sincere gratitude to an amazing community which makes anything possible.

    We are not alone!