July 15: Version 9.0.1 (Halley)

  • Hi commanders!

    Friday, 15th of July, at 14:00 CEST we will update Halley to version 9.0.1.


    - Fixed an issue where Trade Ships where available on Jump Gate

    - Fixed an issue where Trade Ships where showing on the Admiral fleet screen

    - Fixed an issue where resources were not returned upon cancelling a building after returning from vacation mode

    - Fixed an issue where planet resources where not being updated until a second click or a page refresh

    - Fixed an issue where some missions were provoking lag

    - Cooldown after cancelling a relocation now works correctly

    - Kaelesh moon bonus now no longer giving double the expected bonus

    - Deactivating Lifeform with Discovery Tech now correctly cancel Discovery Flights on other planets

    - Increased the effect of the Improved Crawler tech on overloaded crawlers

    We apologize for the short notice.

    Kind Regards,

    Your OGame.org Team