Darth Zero " When I See You Remix "(MundaneBloodStain Diss)

  • Payback Time

    Im not feeling right cuz I gotta crush a baby deer(aka mundanebloodstain)listen here deer,You don't wanna step to me ,im lethal,yet wise as your grandpa, starting all this love talk,when really you just a fluff bear,lets be real ,its Fire and Ice,I've never spoken on you,yet you still hate,you got caught lacking ,the whole world wanna know why,you couldn't eat on your birthday, crushed 3 fleets in the worst way,

    When I see you,

    I see you in my mind,When the whole world sees you, happy birthday...

    I see you at the bus top, when I'm on top, wondering why your not,then you get dropped...

    Im not the first, but I'm one of the last, a lot of people stuck in the past, little boy,you don't know who you messing with...

    When I see you,when I ,when the whole world sees you,.... Happy birthday.

    Talking on me...


    Made By Darth Zero.

    Shout out to 5UE and G Empire:sixstars:

  • Darth Zero

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  • Who I Smoke 2" Mundanebloodstain diss

    When I see you ima set you self straight boy,when my RIP get to blowing its gonna be fright boy,ima crush you bruh,to let you know we don't fight boy,12 paramedics couldn't save you dam moon boy,yo new moon is dead and he never coming back boy,Left you account in the gutar in the end of your days boy

    Ima crush yoself when I freaking see you,got the whole world,they know what I do.

    Who I Smoke,MUNDANE,

    Who I Smoke fenix,

    Who I smoke TON 618,

    And now I wonder....

    Where your moon at,

    The moon was you base,still special ,you just can't get it back,

    Zero going back to back to back,

    Who I Smoke, MUNDANE

    Who I Smoke, Fenix,

    Who I Smoke, TON 618, and now I wonder......


    Lil boy,


  • Nice to see some bars on the forum no doubt.......though some of them hurt my eyes lol

    MundaneBloodstain = 1

    Darth Zero = 0+0=0.....just like your name.

    "A" for effort, "F" for execution Mr. Zero. You need to stop repeating basic lines/words, and def shouldn't have tried to drop a chorus in the middle of your own execution/bloodbath. Had you bodied someone first, then drop a chorus, dance a jig, sing away, do what ever u want....had you left a body......but here....you the only body left.

    You should have wrote your own eulogy, it would have made more sense.

    Honestly Zero, that second set of bars is extra horrible. Don't quit your day job. Listen to more skilled rhymers to help you elevate your flow and delivery. Here are a few artists you might want to check out. They will show you the way..........Vakil, copywrite, sean price, gza, ill bill, cassidy, joell ortiz, crooked I, El P, dizzy wright, cyhi, locksmith, R.A. the ruggedman, jadakiss, Marlon Craft, and any freestyle from team backpack. Listen, learn, then up your skill set/game killa.......keep practicing. After 10k hrs, who knows, you might end up super nice.

    Zagy: "Enjoy building your ego with likes of your ally mate.
    Like we having 14 year old girls here. I expect now everyday status with some quote and selfie from toilet."
    Heretic: "If you want to make it personal...I might ask why you are asking for selfies from ppl you suspect are 14 year old girls and ones from the toilet no less. Creeper much?"
  • Darth Zero "List Of Dead Enemies"(list of destroyed enemies)

    Let em know how I do em...pow pow

    Its Zero ,Oh that boy G Pan ,thought he was the man till I ran him off the land, dont get me started on Tax Collector ,boy was trollin till I ran him off of the sector, poluace noob,ahhh lil boy cried like he 2,ha,when I got my reapers and started to shoot.Mundane keep dissing on my name till I took boys fame.shhhh,bars harder than the surface of Mars, speak on my name and you get slained,im the truth,my opps be hating ,cuz I know that they faking, Top Sheet was on his fleet,taking a ride home, when I showed up wit dem ships,and shot em up,thinking I had a draco,how I whipped on that boy, All Dead Enemies, that spoke on my name,

    Bars so cold it'll shatter ya brain.


    Thought I was finished I started dropping bars yesterday and yet it might bring fame.

    Im out, it's Zero

  • "Better Run"

    New ships when I drop a new song,Steakhouse when the friends drop a new opp(we done y'all)

    New guns for ya of you wanna pop off,

    I gotta chopper bro we aint beatbox,

    If I see a enemy then it's a shootout,

    You could throw your best punch ,but its best you don't (hehe)

    You come here looking for trouble you get you want

    I know some people that will but I know you won't

    I know some people that kill you don't

    I used to the field like I was Chris Jones

    I could mess up your life but it'll take a second

    I can put you in things that you ain't been on

    I can put you cars that you ain't been in (sum new)

    I could take you on rides that you couldn't get on

    I was always the opp when I didn't fit in,

    Now all the people that hated shoot on

    If I told you anything, just know I really mean it

    I wanna rap about passing but its just been a minute

    I wanna rap about wine cuz I ain't really did it

    I tried to tell you my point but you aint really listen

    The only time you was cooking was when yous in the kitchen,

    I was cooking fast tryna make the chicken

    My homie told me watch "the snakes"

    I didn't pay attention

    I had to pay the consequences because they freekin did me(oh)

    And don't play Zero cuz he got a gun

    And don't play with Sinbad Cuz he gotta semi

    If we bounce out with reapers I know you better run,(Get outta here)

    Because we don't stop shooting till our clips are empty

    Mundane silly pull and drop to make him really feel me

    Caught a body, and I was just praying, hoping god Would forgive me

    Plenty crushin,players on players,They killing puny fellas,

    Flip a dude, make him feel sorry for even dealing with us!!!!

    FREE THE REAL(keep the rest)

    Until those brothers free

    People really walking around with thoughts of dissing on me

    Forgive em god,for they not know I keep chopper on me

    Don't go now without my blow, they can't get crap for free

    Keep that car in drive don't even park the car

    Oh Zero he tripping he going bar for bar

    They know imma finish so they don't even start

    Hey I came a long way from running fades at the park


    pull up with choppers with extensions on em

    Hop out opps ,slaughter your opponent

    You said you was a gangster and now you gotta show it

    One opp on burner and now gotta blow it

    NO CAP

    Its Zero,but that's besides the point

    Ray Charles and Stevie wonder can't see I'm the point (Shhh)

    Im with my ally

    XD's,Glocks,Big Mops,Deagles and FN's


    that's a stick on me

    He used to walk we finna get on em

    Don't give frick if that's your big homie

    Get extra points if you not riding with somebody

    Mundane talking bout he ,come find me

    How we just left his block, left him dumbfounded

    Lights flashing everywhere, ya go rob me

    We pull up at his momma house cuz he a homebody

    How we did em was just stupid,

    Slap a foo then it's party at that steakhouse,

    uw Klux

    Hang a lame dude doing too much

    All that cap rapping, you doing someone a new fun

    F all that capping on Twitter come out at shoot something

    Playing dumb love to drop a new opp

    I hang out with real killas that what you not

    Tryna stuff 100ks up a shoebox

    5UE ,you don't like it what u gonna do bout it??

    I came back twice I'm a two timer

    With my record I could never go to Dubai,

    Your never coming back and that's that I said it TWO TIMES!

    End Of Discussion

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  • I love this thread

    Love for the old school lyrics

  • I wonder what he has to say to all this, and that BETTER be funny :P

  • Ill admit you had more victories but my last one was the one.

    So ill Admit most of mine were trash but Better Run was fire.

    So you won in quantity but with Better Run I won with quality.

    And whos this dude Tommy The Cat messaging me things.

    Who this spy?

    Its supposed to be a little fun trolling but you took it serious.

    You got skills ok??

    and how did you get that screenshot.

    Who is this guy's in-game name?

    Cuz now I'm dealing with a spy.

    I am furious with Bomba and DACRU and I have IRL things going on too.

    Everything in this thread was supposed to be trolling.

    See You.

    And check out Dax ,a rapper with Bars.

    All his songs r fire

  • I vote for draw even if I am a bigger fan of the old school rap where hyping isn't that important but the lyrics quality definitely are :) I had fun reading you two :P

    EDIT: I don't think your lyrics can compare to his, its the two different genres, your sounds to me like trap genre, and his (very linking this) are sounding to me something rapper from the 90' would rap.

    But to be fair, its harder to do oldschool rap than trap. Hence the more liking.

  • That's true so respect on his behalf.

    Draw eh????

    Who else loves Notorious BIG ft. Bone Thugs N Harmony-Notorious Thugs??

    song has enough bars to make the world a jail cell!