OGame Origin - Applications open

  • Hello commanders!

    OGame Origin is seeking for motivated players to join our ranks.

    Besides other internal projects associated to this team the main starting focus is to bring back an updated OGame Wiki.

    Together we will be working on updating some old guides from the previous wiki and create new ones for the new content.


    :arrow: You have to be at least 18 years old

    :arrow: You can speak English in a level good enough to be able to communicate with an international team

    :arrow: You are interested in OGame and love working in a Team

    There's no need of any OGame/Gameforge team experience, but it is crucial to have OGame knowledge. Ideally we are looking for different type of players to be able to cover as many play style options as possible.

    Does it sound a good challenge for you and you'd like to be part of the OGame Origin and Wiki reborn? If yes please send us an email to origin@ogame.org and let us know about yourself and your OGame experience.

    Looking forward to read from you!


    Your OGame Origin Team