05.08: Lifeforms Are Spreading

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    Hi all,

    The lifeforms are spreading across the multiverse, as on Friday 5th of August, we'll be opening Universe Gaspra at the usual time!

    Gaspra will be a Miner uni with lifeforms active and will have the following settings:

    • 2x Economy Speed
    • 4x Research Speed
    • 2x Peaceful Fleet Speed
    • 1x Holding Fleet Speed
    • 1x War Fleet Speed
    • 6 Galaxies
    • 40% DF
    • 8,000 DM on validation
    • No Bonus Fields

    They aren't just sticking to EN though, as several other communities will also be introduced to the lifeforms for the first time!

    For those who are interested, you can also find the settings for the other communities here:

    In addition, the pushing rules have been updated with regards to food transports:


    Regarding food and donations/trades:

    - Players can donate food to other players (no limit amount)

    - Players cannot trade food for metal, crystal or deuterium.

    Happy Hunting, :destroyer:

    Your OGame.org Team


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