Where can I find universe speed?

  • Hi, was wondering what Ymir server speed is?

    I just came back to Ogame. Love the changes. The mobile is a nice touch. Trying to figure out my universe (Ymir) speed. So I can use an expedition calculator. I'm on the Ymir server which was like 3 weeks old when I started again. I searched this board but couldn't find any information.

    I wonder if my old account is still around...:confused:


  • Hello,

    Good to see you back!

    If I'm not mistaken there are multiple universe Ymir in various community's.

    I found for German :

    And Italian:

    But there could be more. Hope this helps.

  • Check the post above mine. By the way you are on the United Kingdom forum (.org), There is no Ymir Universe here :)