Can someone explain what is a "merge"

  • I hear "universe merges" but don't really know what it is.Can someone fully explain what this is?

    And when will be the estimated time for the Ferdinand server?

    Thanks, Just itching with curiosity.

  • A merge is where Gameforge closes down a number of "quiet" servers, and consilidates them into 3 or 4.

    There's no information on when the next round might be, months if not a year after the Lifeforms update is live.

    There was going to be a merge item where you could pay move unis, but there were some issues with testing, and we haven't heard much about it since.

    It is possible to use the Graveyard (an account that has paid DM on, is in vacation mode and is inactive for 60 days will get moved to the Graveyard, a "holding server") to move to another server, though there are some (somewat confusing) rules about where you should be able to go to.

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  • A merge is something GameForge uses to punish their playerbase.

    Most universes will become exodus universes, this means the universe will close and the players will move elsewhere. The other universes will become target universes (usually the oldest universes), this means the players from the exodus universes will move here, to the target universes. The players in the exodus universes, gets to choose what target univers they want to go to. The target univers players stays where they are, without an option to move.

    Usually players from newer universes bitch and moan about the point difference. They will still be forced to pick the least bad option out of the target universes. Most likely all target universes, and probably some of the exodus universes, will have players with over a billion points in fleet. If you are a fleeter from a new univers, good luck picking a univers without a top fleet that's more than 10 times your size.

    Merges happened around the beginning of April this year. I wouldn't expect to see another merge for the next year and a half at least, but that's just a guess. Ferdinand would definitely be a part of the next merges, most likely an exodus universe.

  • so target universes like Quantum and Universe1?

    Dang thats gonna suck when I gotta do that.

    Ill most likely pick Quantum because players don't have as much as universe 1,still a lot though.

    Question,how many players will usually survive the merge and not just quit?