Anybody playing this?

  • Pretty quiet around here.

    Anyone want to introduce themselves?

    I haven't played this game for over a decade, just had a random dream about it the other night and loaded back in.

    Not used to all these new mechanics like factions and Lifeforms but I'm gonna tinker for a bit.

    What's going on people?

  • It's always good to see returning veteran player!

    Unfortunately there isn't much activity on board anymore.

    I'm fairly new around here, but I can say with certainty you will most likely find good and experienced player base in almost any universe, including this one. ( Communication is mainly in-game, discord... )

    Have fun!

  • Can you believe was the same for me? :) i use to play ogame when the game had no dark matter at all.

    I never complain about, as i do understand how business works but for sure nowadays the game is different. I do like this new lifeform, it gives something new to do which is good!

  • You hurt my feelings ! Ive been giving all the activity on the CR section ! :(

  • A+ for effort!

    there would litterally be 0 CR to read if not for you lol

  • I have just joined and am looking for an alliance in Gaspra. Are there any open to new players? Thanks.