Thank you Admin


    Like many of you I rant at Admin.... I am not always the calmest of people. But I do have a love for this game, and of honest fair play. I want to sincerely thank admin, for the first time they have banned cheaters. For the resource duplication.

    I hope Admin takes the next step and goes Elon Musk on all these Bots and Multi- Accounters!

    I have seen other veteran players state the obvious, there is rampant multi-accounting that is currently in over drive in Vega. We all know who you are, but just in case EVERYONE SEND IN A TICKET!!!

  • Tickets were sent for years. The problem is not the admins (for the most part) it's the level of evidence required.

    That coupled with the fact that the tools admins use for support is utterly crap.

    That said, some (minority) admins are lazy and don't care.


  • Hey you cant say bots. I was told that was a banned word on the forums or a mythical creature.

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    Ninja 21/2
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    Rips killed 1,221/221
    Super Advanced 20% 11/6

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