Mechan General Enhancement irregularity

  • I have just reached a total number of 242 levels of Mechan General Enhancement.

    As it is stated,

    The class bonuses as General increase with each level. All bonuses increase except: • Small chance to immediately destroy a Deathstar once in a battle using a light fighter • Wreckage at attack (transport to starting planet) • Detailed fleet speed settings • Discount on acceleration (shipyard)

    So, in this case speed for combat ships increases, deut consumption for ships decreases and cargo bay for some ships increase.

    What also increased is fleet slot and combat research level and moon fields. That is good for me. Fleet slot was 37 and it became 38. Combat research levels also increased +1

    However, this increase happens in only Mechas planets even though I have Mechan General Enhancement in Human, Kaelesh and Rock'tal planets.

    Let me show with screenshots from different planets.

    I think enhancement should apply to all planets as it does for other enhancements such as deut consumption reduction, ship cargo increase etc.

    I think it is a bug.

  • I can't help but have a question...

    Do your combat reports with W/S/A change depending where you launch from?

  • I can't help but have a question...

    Do your combat reports with W/S/A change depending where you launch from?

    What is W/S/A?

    I havent had any combats since starting increasing Mechan General Enhancement but I would like to try different scenarios when I will have time

    Well, ship stats change in different lifeform planets whether it is Mechan, Kaelesh, Human, Rocktal

    Biggest difference is between Mechan and Human planets.

    There is almost no change between Kaelesh and Mechan.

    Stats are higher in Mechan and Kaelesh and almost similar.

    Ship stats decreases in Human and Rocktal planets

    So, this means different ship stats in different lifeform planets means different combat results depending on where you deploy.

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  • W/S/A - Weapons, Shield, Armour

    So I was curious to see if a combat report showed difference in the tech :)

  • I think why Mechan General Enhancement does not apply to Human and Rocktal plantets is because of lack of or low number of some Lifeform buildings.

    Some buildings increase the percentage of lifeform researches.

    Since my Mechan buildings are high in number, the effect of Mechan General Enhancement can apply to Mechan planets with help of of those buildings.

    Math behind this is complicated.

  • if you don’t have enough population on your planets you won’t be able to take advantage of that tech on those planets

  • I have