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    Hello commanders!

    It was April, the 26th, when the OGame community was presented with a new game changer extension named Lifeforms: OGame - New expansion Lifeforms

    Our lonely universe Bermuda that since quite some time was asking for new guests finally got its wish granted and several curious players from all over the OGame communities reactivated or created a new account. Bermuda was expecting some activity, but it was surprising the number of players that joined this adventure and our Bermuda had to adapt in several ways to welcome and accommodate all guests – the sun was shining brighter, and our Bermuda was happier than ever with all the discussions around. Discussion with which we all learned and tried to react as soon as was Human, Rock’Tal, Mecha, Kaeleshly possible. Thanks to the amazing player base we were able to tackle several issues and adapt some features.

    The fun of progress is doing it together and Bermuda was in bliss with all the new friends!

    From the 2 months of PTS phase 3 major balance patches were applied:

    - May 19 balance notes

    - June 15 balance notes

    - July 7 balance notes

    The time for the next step has arrived! A brand new live universe with Lifeforms starts on July 11.

    The selected community for it is OGame.org with universe Halley.

    Universe Halley Settings

    4x Economy speed

    2x Fleet speed (Peaceful, Holding and War)

    8x Research speed

    9 Galaxies

    Circular Galaxies and Systems

    50% Debris Fields

    100% deuterium consumption

    ACS ON

    Note: A different Graveyard server is available for Lifeforms accounts.

    We don’t want to stop here and every player experience and love for our game is precious to us. We hope that we can continue what was build and evolving together.

    For more detailed information about Lifeforms techs please check the LF_Master file: https://ogame.comastuff.com/LFMaster.xlsx

    Bermuda and all the OGame Team would like to express sincere gratitude to an amazing community which makes anything possible.

    We are not alone!


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    OGame.org & OGame.us Admin

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  • Halley EN is full of lifeforms ready to be discovered: https://lobby.ogame.gameforge.com/start/en

    What is your plan? What is the best Lifeforms combination?

    Let us know everything!

    Note: it is not available yet on the OGame Mobile app and you must use browser to play it.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Team

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    Hi all,

    The lifeforms are spreading across the multiverse, as on Friday 5th of August, we'll be opening Universe Gaspra at the usual time!

    Gaspra will be a Miner uni with lifeforms active and will have the following settings:

    • 2x Economy Speed
    • 4x Research Speed
    • 2x Peaceful Fleet Speed
    • 1x Holding Fleet Speed
    • 1x War Fleet Speed
    • 6 Galaxies
    • 40% DF
    • 8,000 DM on validation
    • No Bonus Fields

    They aren't just sticking to EN though, as several other communities will also be introduced to the lifeforms for the first time!

    For those who are interested, you can also find the settings for the other communities here:

    In addition, the pushing rules have been updated with regards to food transports:


    Regarding food and donations/trades:

    - Players can donate food to other players (no limit amount)

    - Players cannot trade food for metal, crystal or deuterium.

    Happy Hunting, :destroyer:

    Your OGame.org Team


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  • Hello commanders!

    Wednesday, September 21 at 11:30 CEST, we will activate Lifeforms extension in some of the existent universes.

    The selected universes are:

    - OGame.de Vega (122)

    - OGame.uk Vega (122)

    - OGame.fr Wasat (123)

    - OGame.es Sombrero (171)

    - OGame.pl Universe 68

    A few points to consider:

    • The target Graveyard server for the mentioned universes will change from EN 300 to EN 301 (it is not possible to transfer accounts between LF and non-LF universes)
    • New accounts registration will be closed for those universes

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Team

  • Hello commanders.

    We know that you are eager for news about the Lifeforms rollout on old universes and we are still working on a way to fix the performance issues that were noticed with the first 5 universes. As soon as we have a solution for it we will communicate the plans for the rollout.

    We aim to release Lifeforms on all existent universes until the end of the year but bear in mind that even if it is planned it's always subject to change depending on several factors.

    Lifeforms is a major content update with several new tactics and play-styles attached to it that brings more diversity to OGame and even if we would like as well to have it available for all the players as soon as possible, we want to tackle and focus on the issues we faced.

    Right now we cannot give any precise date, but as soon as the detected issues are tackled we will let you know how we will proceed with the rollout (dates, universe/community groups, etc).

    Thank you for all the feedback to improve such content, we hope to deliver a rollout with the quality you deserve as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Team

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    OGame – Artefacts Update

    A new feature is coming to the Lifeforms expansion with the Artefacts update. Artefacts give players the opportunity to purchase the techs of other lifeforms they really want, rather than receiving a tech at random. This update also changes how you earn experience for your lifeforms, plus introducing a daily limit when searching for lifeforms. Read on to learn more about the changes in the Artefacts update.

    What Are Artefacts?

    Artefacts are a type of currency you acquire for purchasing lifeform technologies from other species which can only otherwise be selected at random. You can acquire exactly the technologies you want with artefacts.

    How to Get Artefacts

    You can find artefacts on your discovery missions as another possible result when searching for lifeforms. Artefacts can be found in various amounts, from small caches to major troves.

    How to Use Artefacts

    Once you’ve found sufficient artefacts, you can use them to fill an empty lifeform development slot. In the menu for selecting techs, you’ll find a new function for purchasing technologies with artefacts.

    Technology Artefact Costs

    Purchasing level 1 research costs 200 artefacts, increasing to 400 for level 2, and 600 for level 3.

    Resetting Lifeform Techs

    If you reset your lifeform techs and want to unlock specific combinations again, you’ll need to spend artefacts for each slot just like the first time.

    Maximum Artefact Storage

    You can store a maximum of 3,600 artefacts. Once you reach this cap, you will only ever find 0 artefacts on discovery missions. It is however possible to exceed this cap if you find enough artefacts in one go.

    For example, if you have 3,565 artefacts and discover another 500 on a mission, then you’ll receive the full amount, giving you 4,065/3,600 artefacts. However, as explained, you won’t find any more artefacts once you hit (or exceed) this limit. This is designed to ensure that you don’t ever lose out when you make a discovery.

    Changes to Searching for Lifeforms

    The Artefacts update makes some changes to how much experience is required to level up lifeforms, and how many discovery missions you can launch per day on the search for lifeforms (and artefacts). The following explores these changes in detail.

    Changes to Lifeform Experience and Bonus

    The experience you currently require increases exponentially per level, making it extremely time-consuming to level beyond the first three or four levels. In order to give players a better experience and sense of growth, we’ve adjusted this curve to make it easier to unlock higher levels with your lifeforms. The associated lifeform bonus has been reduced from 1% to 0.1%. The amount of experience you receive for re-discovering known lifeforms remains the same. Lifeform experience you’ve already earned will be migrated to the new system and won’t be lost.

    Here’s a table of the new values:

    Maximum Lifeform Level Bonus

    In addition to optimising the experience and bonus values, we’ve also made another change, introducing a lifeform level cap of 100 (and therefore a max. 10% bonus). You’ll still be able to continue discovering lifeforms for the Lifeform Discoveries highscore table, but you won’t earn any more experience for these adventures.

    Artefacts for Previous Missions

    Since the Lifeforms update has been available on a number of servers for quite some time, and many players have flown a large number of discovery missions, we’re going to hand out artefacts on these servers retrospectively. The number of artefacts players receive will depend on the number of missions flown. Each mission will be worth 8 artefacts, with a maximum amount of 7,200 multiplied by the number of planets the player has. This should ensure that players can theoretically completely restructure each of their planets with artefacts. There will be no ‘compensation’ for any additional missions flown beyond this limit.

    Limits to Discovery Missions

    Another change we’re introducing with the Artefacts update is that you will have 50 missions per day for finding lifeforms and artefacts. Each day you receive 50 missions, but they don’t expire, so you aren’t forced to fly 50 missions every day and can save them up for later.

    Rules for servers where the Lifeforms expansion is already active:

    Since some players have already launched lots of discovery missions in the hunt for lifeforms, there’s a special rule on these servers for determining the number of missions available when the update launches, based on the number flown by the player with the most missions. Players who have already flown missions will get this number of missions credited to them. The rules are:

    • The player with the most missions on the server defines the maximum for all other players (e.g. 3,000 missions flown).
    • Each player who has already flown missions will have them deducted from this maximum, for example if Player A has conducted 200 missions before the update, then they can still fly 2,800 more missions. Since the number of missions increases by 50 per day, and 3,000 is the number of missions in this example, then Player A now has 3,050 missions available.

    As ever, we look forward to reading your feedback on the update in the OGame forums or in our official Discord.

    The OGame Team

  • Hello all!

    We are getting asked on a daily basis about when Lifeforms will be enable on the existent servers but unfortunately there's no date yet.

    Creating a good experience when enabling Lifeforms extension is our main objective and before doing it we still want to tackle some issues that we are facing. Sadly we have no date to give you for it but our prediction is that it won't happen before March 2023.

    Hopefully it will change and what is delaying it will be solved sooner than expected, and in that case you'll be the first to know.

    Your OGame Team

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  • Hello,

    On Thursday, October 12 at 10:00 CEST, we will start to activate Lifeforms in some of the missing universes.

    For this activation the selected universes are:
    - OGame.de Ozone (de_193)
    - OGame.en Universe 1 (en_1)
    - OGame.fr Vela (fr_251)
    - OGame.pl Quantum (pl_117)
    - OGame.tr Universe 1 (tr_1)

    - Your OGame Team


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