How Do I Get A Account,like if someone gives me a account,how does that work?

  • Fate of Late covered the rules and tips.

    Not sure what you're asking Emperor.

    I'll just answer the procedure for newcomers. Hopefully it helps you too if Fate didn't already gave you what you were looking for.

    If someone is willing to gift an account, he generates an gifting code and gives it to you.

    You then enter it in specific sidebar menu called " enter code " through your lobby account.

    Then the account is instantly added to your lobby account.

    Gifting code and enter code is located in your lobby sidebar menu as seen on screenshots:

  • I am sorry. I dont understand even after having read the thread. Is it possibel that a person behind the game can send a msg to each player about how to do it and what it is all about? and what you gain?

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