Happy 18th O-Birthday JeB

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    22nd of September 2004, the day that Cassandra Vandales persuaded a bunch of us from an old Star Wars message board to give the English version of Ogame (which had started approximatly 10 days earlier) a try. Most of those members didn't last more then a few years, but the alliance lived on.

    Things have changed a lot since the alliance was founded (the same day I also started my O-Journey) but we kept on going.

    Happy 18th to my alliance!

    :beer:Time for us to have a drink or 2 ;) :beer:

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  • For all those who missed or did not take the time to read the spoiler, I think that some time needs to be spent congratulating Wraith on his Ogame career! Congratulations mate on your full time playing career and enjoy your semi-retirement :) It's been great having you around so long! Thanks for all of the laughs and lessons from the days of the staff too ;)

  • 18 years, that’s quite a ride JeB has had. FGR is merely half that in age. Happy birthday and grats on another year!

    Im saddened to hear that you’re stepping back, Wraith. You and i haven’t exchanged many words over the years, but have always respected your playing style and achievements in the game, as well as being one of the last OG’s left standing over the years. Wish you all the best, mate.



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  • Incredible and respectful journey you and your alliance achieved.

    We are not familiar with each other, but I do have a positive opinion of you.

    It seems that more and more veterans ( mentor's ) are taking time off.

    Hopefully this won't turn out to be a permanent end. Either way, I wish you all the best in life! Take care

  • Happy birthday JeB. I enjoyed the camaraderie and the ambiance while it lasted. Glad the ally is still there. It was the social aspect that kept me so long in this game. :)

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  • Enjoy your time off/away from the game Wraith02. You have always been a great leader.

    If Cassandra Vandales is the Heart of OGame .ORG then you are its soul, consciousness and wisdom.

    Best regards, version4



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  • Never really talked to you Wraith but you do seem like a cool guy. Enjoy the downtime, rest assured the o'crack is come back with time. It did with me...

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  • Well that is staying power and no mistake. I recall a few of the early alliances when I first started like Marauders, DIM [can't remember what that was short for] , Urquan etc but it seems like JeB and RoLUE are the ones that have kept going. Respect.

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  • a bit late, but happy birthday JeB!

    and kudos for sticking together over the years

    Wraith..what can i say mate..the boards will die a bit more as soon as you leave

    but dont be shy, drop in here from time to time

    and ofcourse..all the best IRL


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