• I came back to the game and was able to pick a new uni. Volans looked active and I was too lazy to check the forums about the uni details. This is what lead to my arrival in this joke of a uni where everyone is so preoccupied with their alts and bots and expos that you don't even have to fleetsave here! Seriously idk how suchh awful players get away with having such big fleets here. Wouldn't have happened in .us. Enter Mitch.

    I probed Mitch while looking for free res to build my account which was rank 850 at the time. Mitch was rank 79 and took personal offense to me checking him out. Mitch decided to launch moon destruction missions covered by his whole fleet to all of my moons. So naturally I start telling every player with a large fleet that I possibly could about the free ninja on Mitch. They must have scared him pretty good because Mitch recalled and went to bed. His fleet sat unattended for over 7 hours and none of the big guys wanted a piece of it:crazy:. That's okay. I didn't need the big guys to crash him, I had something better: Mitch's dumb a**.

    For about 4 days Mitch relentlessly harassed me, threated me and eventually admitted to account sharing in order to have 24/7 coverage of his account:beware:

    Unfortunately in Mitch's fit of irrational rage he threw his entire account under the bus in a matter of 4 sentences.

    This one I dedicate to all of the ogame friends I've lost contact with over the years. I wish they were still around.

    Mitch- Goodluck with your next account

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