OGame Origin - Forum change

  • Hello commanders!

    We are making some changes on the OGame Origin community.

    From tomorrow on all the Origin sections on OGame.org forum will be changed to read-only and a new forum will be used for all the Origin matters. The sections will be removed from OGame.org forum 2 weeks after.

    For this I'll ask for the Community Tooldevs with approved addons to create a topic on the new forum where all the updates and news regarding it will be shared (similar to what you have here).

    All the pending requests should be moved to the new forum as well and the answer to it will be given there.

    Please have in mind that OGame Origin community won't be a replacement for any community with live game rounds matters, all the game information and support will still be attached to those communities.

    OGame Origin will only focus on improving the communication and relation with Community Tooldevs, work on updating OGame guides (old and new content) and support PTS related topics.

    As soon as the sections on this forum will be changed to read-only the link to the new forum will be posted.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Origin Team

  • Hello all!

    The new OGame Origin forum is open and can be accessed here: https://forum.origin.ogame.gameforge.com/forum/
    We are ready for the transition phase. Please be patient while the needed information is been moved there.

    All the OGame.org sections used for OGame Origin purpose are now Read-only and will be available during the transition phase.

    I'll ask the Community Tooldevs to start moving their topic to the new forum with the needed information as soon as the time allows it.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Origin Team