Can we raise the DF% to at least 40% in this uni??

  • Hello, i know people like to take it easy in this uni but having DF at 30% makes it really tough to find a good shot. Im just scouting peoples planets constantly, seeing they have fleets but it never comes out as really that profitable with the DF being that low. Its just not that fun, its really rare to find a good plunder against someone.

    i think raising DF to 40% would be really great, or maybe even 50% would be even better.

    This is mainly set to be a mining uni, yet this is the most active uni and id like it to be a bit more fleeting type too.

    p.s. im totally fine with the Fleet Speed staying at 1x, thats totally the best imo too.

  • Thank you for your post Wolf75.

    Uni 1 is long overdue an increase in DF - 50% would spice things up just the right amount.


  • I don't mind a DF increase as long as fleet speed stays 1x, but passing that in a uni that's mostly miners would be extremely difficult

    I'd never vote to change the Fleet Speed.


  • I respect your request or idea, but I do not share it.

    If you want more resources, try harder.

    Spy and attack more.

    Who is that directed at me?

    There is only 1 player in this uni that has fleeted for more res than me over the past yr.


  • Who is that directed at me?

    Is your name written in my post? Because if so, I don't see it.

    Ogame has had so many changes, that the only wish they have is to get a player to spend more money in the game. It became a business.

    I already want to see the players who spend thousands of dollars on dark matter, if suddenly all that disappears and see how they really play and attack or build their empire without all the help.

    I lost that taste several years ago, I still somehow play and check my account, but I will never feel the excitement of seeing a game without dark matter, officials and the famous aids again.

    That is why I am against all change, all advantage, all help, and all benefit without effort.

    Ogame was once fun, today it's business.

    No more changes.

  • It's one thing to generate the amount res required for a building upgrade or line of research, it's quite another to wait multiple weeks for it to finish.

    "There are several sacred things in this world you don't ever mess with, one of them happens to be another man's fries. Now you remember that, and you will live a long and healthy life" - Louis.