Explanation from LUCIFER

  • Dear forum members.

    I am LUCIFER.

    First, my game was shut down for attack rule violation.

    For spying 30 seconds into battle. 14 days sentence was given. This rule is 5 seconds. I reminded them.Then my game was frozen on suspicion of payment. I am asked for my credit card information.They don't answer my letters.I was the most active warrior in the universe. My game was shut down while the game was attacking the latter. That's why I was blocked from hitting.

    I congratulated a few people. A lot of people stayed away from me because I used dark matter. This game has good and bad.

    As a result, there are some players protected by the manager. They made the game unplayable.The money I spend means nothing to me. They looked for excuses to close the game.

    I don't know who is protecting whom. Managers do not respond to letters. For some reason they closed my game during the war. :D

    If they don't open the game within 2 days, I will apply because I can't get service for the money I paid.

    I apologize to everyone for speaking rudely. .

  • Don't forget the combat report.

    On 18-11-2022 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Lucifer's VISA


    Little tiny flying euro 20.000


    Defender Gameforge


    Middle finger 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Lucifer's VISA




    Defender Gameforge


    Middle finger 1


    The defender has won the battle!

    The defender captured:

    Your money and had a good laugh

    The attacker lost a total of 20000 euros.

    The defender lost a total of 0 fucks given.

    At these space coordinates now float your dignity.

    The chance for a complaint ticket to be created from the debris was 100%.


    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    A lot of forum drama.

    Summary defender(s)

    Didn't bat an eye.

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  • I think there is a misunderstanding.

    I'm not complaining about my game being shut down. Why it is closed and when it is closed is important. You are like cats waiting for liver in front of the butcher. I continue in another universe. I was first again.

    I will return to the england universe when a new fast universe starts.

    For those wondering about my card limit; I am using an American Express card. Unlimited

  • Well, I'm sad they banned you. I liked that you always post your hits here and went for crazy plays. I think the universe is worse without you in it and it would be enjoyable to see all the drama play out. Hope everything gets resolved

  • Well, I'm sad they banned you.

    U are sad that cheater is baned? what that telling about u...

    Real sport LOL


    It's saying that I love drama?

    Sure, an offence is an offence, but he got banned for spying before his fleet hits. On the other hand there are many people who have bot multis (just look at amazing posts by NiQ) and nothing happens to them.

    Edit: I don't matter anyway. I'm playing this as a single player game

  • Zeus.

    5 seconds or 20 seconds doesn't make any sense.

    it's been almost 1 month. I don't know for what war I was punished. They couldn't explain. I've asked over and over. :evilgrin2: I'm waiting for the official announcement.

    I can only guess. About GARGAMEL's war. Because his fleet has been restored. But he had extracted 10 billion ore from the ruins. The snow they collected remained. Even though I reported it to the managers, they didn't make a sound.

    It was made for me today. It will be done to you tomorrow.

    Posting these documents on the forum is prohibited. I am aware. Apologies to the forum moderators for this.

    There are more than 100 players in the universe using Multi and BOT. Despite many complaints, no one hears anything.

    In short; The universe is useless. Everyone knows how to train their horse.

    Stay with love

  • 5 seconds on servers of all countries. The rules are the same everywhere. The rule does not change according to country servers.

    Important detail; The punishment was given about 15 days after the war.:fatgreengrin::fatgreengrin::fatgreengrin: Just when I was attacking. Where were their minds until now?

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  • Zeus knows me well. He knows very well that I keep my word. He can explain it if he wants..

    In what capacity are you speaking here? Is it TURK? Or is it the new guy who bought the account?

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