Answer support

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with support.

    I made a ticket about 3 weeks ago following my exit from the cemetery, I joined a foreign universe. Unfortunately despite the choice being offered I was not allowed to go there and so I was banned with an indication to contact support. Something I did immediately. I know it is possible to be sent to another server in your country of origin but I still have no return from the person in charge of my ticket.

    I understand that everyone does according to their availability but it's been more than 3 weeks. Is this normal? Can we help me? This is not a small account and I would like to be able to take advantage of it... Thank you

  • Maybe what you can try, is to send via discord private message to COMA of the community you are stuck and COMA of the community you want to go. ( as i understand, only they can transfer accounts, maybe GA , I'm not sure ) And try to time it well... Usually they are very active in the morning. Avoid Friday and weekend. Any kind of holiday. ( For future reference )

    Prongs is COMA and Danimanza, Rav3n are GA for .org

    If you don't have luck with that, try contacting on discord other staff members who can relay the message.

    Persistence is the key and patience, cause... well they are swamped with a lot of projects lately.

    Best of luck!