Ending NAP with Solaris

  • Hiya Ferdinand. It comes with a heavy heart that we are formally ending the NAP we have with Solaris. I put it to a vote amongst all my members and everyone voted to end it. This is has been an issue within the alliance for a little bit. Folks coming to me asking about ending it, then I talked to Big Mo about certain conditions for amending the NAP to allow our younger members an opportunity to get in some hits. But that fell through because the members in Solaris didn't want to do that. I was only looking out for my members and trying to appease the masses. Another issue was that everyone that we wanted to hunt ends up joining Solaris because of the NAP in place. So they were pretty much hiding behind it. This is absolutely no ill-will towards Solaris family. I didn't want to end it in the first place, but the vote passed.

    So I told everyone in my alliance, that after this post...there'll be 24 hours before they can spy and fly. A day's heads-up, if you will. Fly safe, and for god's sake fleetsave.