This is the end...Donato 'Nam is doomed.

  • This might be the end of Donato 'Nam (aka Dorado).


    Unfortunately, it looks like Dorado is getting screwed because Prongs & Game Forge is not actually paying attention to the players' wants and needs as evidenced in this thread: and merges

    And we no longer have kewlness to look out for us.

    Game Forge refuses to allow polls on the forums because they don't actually want to hear what players have to say. And the ingame message system is conveniently broken for them to send out a uni-wide message to alert you to the aforementioned discussion. But somehow, it can still send out sales advertisements, funny how that works, isn't it? And they also put an end to Stomt because again, they don't care about what you have to say. So the only way you'll know about "that" conversation is if you read the forums regularly (which most don't) or someone points it out to you.

    Their grand plan is to create a 3 to 4 speed unis (IMO, any uni with any increase ECO or Research is a speed uni). None of which will have legacy settings like we have in Dorado. And Prongs won't even acknowledge the people on that thread asking for a legacy speed-setting uni.

    So, all you legacy speed-setting players out there playing the game the way it was meant to be are screwed.


    Your only hope to continue playing in a uni with legacy settings is to go to the graveyard and move to .de (German community) uni 1 which is all 1x. There are a couple of other legacy unis in different communities, but none of them really have the participation that uni 1 .de has and will most likely suffer under the merge boot. My recommendation is to go to the graveyard, and wait until the dust settles because game forge will inevitably screw things up so give it a bit before you commit to a move.