Expedition Fleet

  • Hi all,

    It might be a redundant question, but I could only find old threads about expeditions while I only started OGame 10 days ago after a break of 8 years. In short, I wondered whether my calculations are correct (and also if the expedition calculator 7.1 is accurate):

    With the discoverer class and a path finder, the maximum ressource findings should be 120M, 60M, 40M in our Universe Lacerta, right? Hence, depending on the hyperspace tech level (e.g. level 8), 3500 LC should be enough to be able to find the maximum amount, since the expedition points are still calculated in the same way as they were when expeditions were introduced (60 points for each large cargo).

    With all these new features (including Kalesh lifeforms) it can just get a bit confusing, so I want to make sure that this is still true.

    Other than that, have nice christmas holidays and/or successful ventures in the game!



  • from what i know their gains increase the maximum find, witch increases also the current, so instead lets say with 20% LF's effective you gain 20% gain more on each expo, and it increases the MAXIMUM FIND numbers also by that amount :) its like perma bonus on all of your flights: )


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  • Thanks for the answer and sorry for the delay on my side. After the number of expos I flew and what I found in all forums it is indeed right. 120M, 60M, 40M as max. find and the maximum of expedition points is still calculated as back in the day. The number of LCs only needs to be adjusted upward to be able to carry the max. find (max. expo points are reached at 417 LCs anyways).

    Guess Discoverer will be better than Collector until ~40M economy points.

    (Given that spamming metal packages is not worth it for me at the current state of the game) :)