Lacerta dead?

  • Haha hoped for some "adult" answer, yet seems google translate is broken for ya again ;) Ye darth like milions from ppl who cry they got low paychecks :)


    ... Solution is Arround the Corner | Trust your Instinct ...

  • it is interesting that players who don't have an acc cry like this :)

    Yes, you're absolutely right. There's a lot of crying going on.

    As an example, yesterday while i was walking the dog i saw a group of people crying together on the street. When i asked one of them why they were crying, he told me:

    - "BWAAAA! The turks can buy discounting DM on Ogame while i have to pay full price for it, so they can buy 100k reapers while i can only buy 10k reapers. BWAAAAA!"

    An old man, passing by, asked: "What is Ogame, and what is a reaper?"

    And the crying one answered:

    - "It's that game that you play for free but if you put a lot of money on it you can buy a lot of things, like reapers, an awesome ship, and you become mighty and powerful and get to the #1 in the ranks, so everyone thinks you're cool and awesome and stuff. BWAAAAA!!"

    - "Wait, ships? What do you do with these ships? Can you govern them? Where do you moor them? How much do they cost to maintain?"

    - "Naaa, they're not real ships, they're just numbers, and you use them to destroy other ships, that are also not real but just numbers, and recycle their debris which are also not real but just numbers. BWAAAAA!"

    The old man said nothing, but made a a circling motion of the index finger at his ear, then off he went.