[TOT: 437.850.000] Senator Helio [Sparta] vs. Moon Maker [M24] (A: 0, D: 437.850.000)

  • Part 1 of this story can be found here, thanks to Moon Maker for writing it : [TOT: 82.423.000] Moon Maker [M24] vs. dragon tamer (A: 2.728.000, D: 79.695.000)

    Earlier today Feanor pinged me with a good looking lanx report. Moon Maker was flying all these nice ships to dragon tamer's planet, sending from his moon right next to one of mine in g6.

    We know about his target, they regularly do expeditions with far too many ships for a long time, so the hit was most likely legit. With plenty of lead time, I started doing sims and probed Moon Maker's g4, making it at least plausible I was just scanning nearby targets. A few messages later, it was clear he wasn't recalling his attack and the time back would happen.

    Since there was plenty of lead time I tried stealing his attack df as well. Unfortunately he sent his recs in advance, like he always does.

    Since the timing of the return was close, sending a slow attack and timing the recs afterwards in the same second window wasn't possible, so I sent them early. Those unfortunately ended up +2s.

    A few minutes after his hit, I timed the attack to same second.

    We talked for a while during the attack itself about game mechanics, which was really nice :) It sure beats those who start typing vile stuff until crashed and then go (v) :D

    With the timing setup of this attack (recs sent before attack) he had a guaranteed 1s window to get the df by sending them on +0s. I figured slowing the attack to +1 was worth a shot to dodge his recycling, still not allow enough time for a save, then get my recycling done on +2.

    However, Moon Maker thought ahead and sent two waves of recyclers, one on +0s and one on +1s, so he still got it.

    A silver lining here is that the reapers got a good amount of instant recycling done, and the deut cost to next SS was insignificant.

    Well played to Moon Maker, and I expect to see you on the left side of those threads again soon enough ;)

    And thanks again to Feanor for the find, this was a ton of fun

    On 24-01-2023 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Senator Helio [Sparta]


    Battlecruiser 21.514

    Reaper 13.047


    Defender Moon Maker [M24]


    Cruiser 5.960

    Battleship 3.241

    Battlecruiser 830


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Senator Helio [Sparta]


    Battlecruiser 21.514 ( -0 )

    Reaper 13.047 ( -0 )


    Defender Moon Maker [M24]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    4.828.012 Metal, 9.966 Crystal and 61.366 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 0 units.

    The defender lost a total of 437.850.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 86.983.500 metal and 37.060.500 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 4.899.344 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    28.994.500 Metal and 12.353.500 Crystal

    0 Metal and 0 Crystal

    Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    28.994.500 Metal and 12.353.500 Crystal


    Debris harvested by the defender(s):

    86.983.500 Metal and 37.060.500 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 33.822.512

    Crystal: 12.363.466

    Deuterium: 61.366

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 46.247.344 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -207.789.512

    Crystal: -86.484.466

    Deuterium: -24.431.366

    The defender(s) lost a total of 318.705.344 units.

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  • Great timeback and respond, since i fkd up with my fleet u know what 😂😂

    Anyhow these big reapers of urs made it still fine profitable, enjoy it!

    As for Moon Maker, VFR, good guy which kind of uni needs. Not much for you, guess its nearly done, props for the DF haul also!

  • Nice hit and teamwork guys !

    As soon as the probe landed I knew you'd have clocked 1 of my attacks, but after 2 days in a row of my own f-up (that's why there was no ACS on that attack today) I couldn't recall the G6 one xD

    No big worry here, all expo or rewards ships so with DF and SpaceDock it won't take long to get back but for now I'll enjoy mining again :D

    Good to chat ingame, it took me back to old days where I could fleet ^^

    Enjoy the profits! if you slowed another +1s you'd have had the DF ;)

    Edit: It's been a long day - if you'd have slowed another +1 your cyclers would've got nothing as your attack was sent after cyclers ;)

  • The real play would've been sending recs +4 on purpose and slowing from +0 to +3, but what the hell I never have to try this hard :D

  • I'll take some solace in making you have to try hard xD