Cheaters caught "red-handed".

  • By taking a swift peek at the galaxy view today, I unfortunately stumbled upon on what appears to be yet another "cheating attempt", this time by an entire alliance!

    In case you are wondering what this is all about, check out the relevant coordinates at 5:143 and 5:144 respectively.

    Indicating the existence of "alt accounts", utilised to offer free resources to the entire "A414A" alliance.

    This is exactly how players like "Basho1989" receive copious amounts of resources to supplant their insane auction bids.

    Or players like "DNLeviathan", reaching top 100 in a short period of time.

    Some things never change it seems.

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  • You can't be serious with this crap?

    You're telling me that someone cheating would deliberately call their planets by the name of an alliance and then let himself be farmed? I hope you can see, being the mastermind detective that you are, how this makes no sense.

    What is the purpose of this spam anyway? If there are any problems you are free to write a ticket through the support system and the staff will look into any allegations and investigate any suspicious activity there may be.

    My word of advice, instead of wasting your time like this, maybe you should focus on your own game and you would be amazed by how fast you can actually develop when you put in the hours.

    PS. I've reported an actual cheater being pushed by catching him on my lanx farming an inactive with no mines on his planet yet mysterious 50m+ resources and the staff did nothing about it. His name starts with K and ends with mit.

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