A tribute to Dione.

  • "The Exile"

    What are you doing here?

    I showed you the door

    Don't fetch on me to bear

    I will lose what I stood for

    The dreadful moment comes

    Distraught and resolute

    Underneath the adorning cloaks

    Emerges the dispute

    Why are you feigning joy

    My friend on my command

    And then you state you are sorry

    Alone to withstand

    As you did everything right

    Amidst the upcoming nast

    And then reality strikes

    Aghast, you are breathing dust

    Resembling them, snarky and naive

    When I am about to stare

    When I am about to flare

    I am copying them, effusive yet numb

    When I am about to affront

    When I am about to condone

    Exactly like them, grasping and callous

    When I am about to desire

    When I am about to acquire

    I feel warm, blithe yet dark

    When I am about to die inside

    When I am about to hide

    As motions are coming by

    You are getting out of sight

    And then you shriek goodbye

    Collapsing with the lie

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