[TOT: 1.392.311.000] Azul [Black Ro] vs. Klausherbert [KLS] (A: 84.622.000, D: 1.307.689.000)

  • I discovered the following bunker belonging to "Klausherbert" by sheer accident, and in spite of my carefully curated plan, the defender unfortunately came online a few minutes before impact and hampered it all.

    Alas, this hit is absent of profit although the obscene amounts of damage inflicted signify it's "share-worthiness".

    P.S. Defender fast rebuild wished, although simply unimportant at this stage of our universe.

    On 15-03-2023 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Azul [Black Ro]


    Cruiser 125.000


    Defender Klausherbert [KLS]


    Solar Satellite 1.440

    Rocket Launcher 617.071

    Heavy Laser 1

    Gauss Cannon 1.887

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Azul [Black Ro]


    Cruiser 122.082 ( -2.918 )


    Defender Klausherbert [KLS]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    0 Metal, 0 Crystal and 0 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 84.622.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 1.307.689.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 29.180.000 metal and 11.653.000 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 0 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The defender(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: -58.360.000

    Crystal: -20.426.000

    Deuterium: -5.836.000

    The attacker(s) lost a total of 84.622.000 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -1.242.768.000

    Crystal: -19.594.000

    Deuterium: -4.494.000

    The defender(s) lost a total of 1.266.856.000 units.

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  • i've been chasing him for months, some success some misses, 84mil is one expo find so who cares, smacking a half turtle is definately worth it

    Exactly, as I have highlighted above, at this stage of our universe such concerns are redundant and inessential.

    And it is not as if it is practically impossible for the defender to rebuild, it will probably take a day or two of Mine production in addition to expedition hauls.

  • In case anyone has noticed already, I have to apologise for the miss click, this one is actually a "Super Advanced" hit instead of a "Hyper Advanced" one.

    May I request the moderators to correct the combat classification?

  • Cillidan

    Set the Label from Hyper Advanced 20% to Super Advanced 20%