Deuterium into DF

  • Hi members of Ozone!

    I am intrigued about how you feel deuterium into debris field affects the game, if at all.

    I would appreciate anyone throwing some feedback about it, I feel this would be a really nice feature to have on older universes in the future perhaps.

    Do expedition combats also have deuterium in debris field? I assume they do.

    I know Ozone is x1 fleet speeds and only x4 eco so I expect there has not been too much impact experienced as of yet, will be interesting to see how replies change to this alongside the age of the universe.

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  • Your Pathfinder (8 ships) have a total storage capacity of 112,000. At the target

    [1:xxx:16], 48,200 Metal, 50,000 Crystal and 3,200 Deuterium are floating in space. You have harvested 48,200 Metal, 50,000 Crystal and 3,200 Deuterium.