Meet the Monster

  • This one is dedicated to all of you out there who builds stuff for absolutely no other reason then just because

    Say hello to my little friend


    Special thanks to johocknut for providing deut for this, 80% of deut cost came from trade, with rewards closing in this brave chap sacrificed 1bn deut to let me finish it, you sir are a legend, without you this wouldnt have happened.

    For the backstory details and tldr click spoiler


  • Levels:
    50 metal Mines
    50 crystal Mines
    50 deut Mines

    Storage 25 each
    Solar 50
    Fusion 30
    25 robot Fact
    25 Shipyard
    25 Research

    15 alliance depot

    20 Missile Silo
    15 Nanite

    430 fields used

  • Oh yeah that is some proper chunky planets. Its too bad metal is linked to position and not planet size.

    Know the pain of trying to colonize and getting the top sizes, so kudos for sticking it out.

  • How many fields did the planet have without terraformers and planet field boosters. Since the diameter of the planet is a little more than 18,000 km. Maybe he has 330-340 fields bacause i have one planet who has 325 fields and he has Diameter: 17,193km

    Night is approaching, and here the nights are very dark because it is night. There is no sun, and then it is dark, and when it is dark, you can't see anything. :crazy::fatgreengrin:

  • what to say man

    i dont know you, i dont play in your uni, heck i dont play even on .org :D

    a job well done and i hope you will be remembered for it

    hope you had fun doing it

    do you have any further projects in mind?

    do you stop playing now you reached your goal?

    what do you do now?

    what i rly like about this is that noone can take it away unline big fleets or defences

    I am makeing Silverwind's days

    And I am savage now!

  • Hay guys, thanks for likes :D

    biggest joy i had doing this was tasting the salty tears of others crying about wasting ress - it's a pure bliss

    still playing, few projects in mind nothing big, just working on mines to accommodate