What is ok raid for all

  • Well open this treat only because few people mind when got attacked for 100m+ profit....

    Just wondering what is opinion of other players and what is yours minimum attack profit?

    As I ask you its normal to say what is my rule, well my minimum is 50m so that everyone know what is and if you keep your ress safe all is ok. Cant tell that some turtles need to be softer and that will not do it, but in 99% 50m is minimum ( Got info that some ally have 20m minimum ).

    Thank you,

    Queen Penelope

  • I'd say i'd never go for less then 20M If its cheap flight including only few cargoes, But when it comes to turtles with 300-500M and it requires 100K reapers to kill it i'd say 100M


  • this is an interesting topic

    in universe 1, i wouldn't get out of bed for less than 1 bn

    but there are many who will launch for absolute peanuts.

    never understood that mentality.

    you can make more from raiding inactives than some of these fleeters pick up.


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    TOP 1 (ACS) x 1
    TOP 10 (solo) x 3

    TOP 10 (ACS) x 11
    Super Adv lost count

  • For a start its nice of you to open this thread,

    being the biggest active fleeter in uni atm...

    Playing from VM makes me very, very thirsty for the fuel,

    So If the target has around 50m profit but no deut,

    I cant be bothered to watch the attack and I will most likely

    just send the raids on inactives ...

    On the other hand if there is 30 m Deut somewhere close,

    I will probably fly for it....

    Turtles In general I don't touch

    because I don't have enough fleet



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