Scores raised unusual and amazing quick part.2

  • Polaris Setting (Server 142)

    Economy 6

    Speed 5/3/3

    Research 12

    Debit Fields 30%

    VodXX's score increases +499,857,438 around 15:00 yesterday

    ( That would need 500 billion resources )

    DiatXX's score increases total +234,697,004 yesterday

    ( That would need 234 billion resources )

    WellpreXXX's score increases total +21,016,868 yesterday

    ( That's 179% of his original score )

    How can a server that has been open for just 260 days, and they can get so many resources?

    Please check where their resources come from?
    ( For example No.4 player already has 480,000 dead stars.)

    Otherwise we are like idiots buying dark matter to play OGAME .

    Thank you very much.

  • fumei921

    Changed the title of the thread from “Scores raised unusual and amazing quick 2” to “Scores raised unusual and amazing quick part.2”.
  • Players that spend money in the games help to keep the lights on, without profit for GF they would not be able to keep running. Remember servers cost money to run plus staff ect.

    Yes some players go overboard with there spending its like an addiction, they can not help themselves. but its there money and they can do what they want with it.

    Ignore the points its just numbers and just enjoy the game.

    I don't spend money on the game its to expensive where I live, but I still enjoy the game without spending a dime so for me its Free play.:dance