Deuter on debris field - possibility of activation

  • Hey folks,

    maybe we can ask admin to drop pool in the game and ask if we want in our universe deuter on debris field as this is new feature and activated after voting.

    Lets talk about it

  • Sounds like a terrible idea, and it's isn't a new feature. I think an 80% fleet to DF universe WITH deut to DF is going to be a terrible experience.

    I'd honestly rather have Def to DF rather than deut to DF.. but that isn't an option, nor would people vote for it

  • Adding Deut to DFs throws the entire balance of combat out the window. I feel that in a universe that already has 80% Metal and Crystal to Debris, then the addition of deuterium to this would tend to tip the balance a large amount in the favor of pure fleeters. I'm not against the idea of adding Deut to DFs, but I feel it would need to come at the cost of the 80% ratio. If you want to revert to around 40% fleet to DF and add deut, then I would vote in support of that.

    If you add 80% Deut to DF at current, what would happen is you would only ever lose 10% fleet as a General.

    As it stands at the moment, if you are a General Class account and you attack someone:

    • ~10% of your losses are returned to you (including deut) in the form of "Wreckage" as a transport mission.
    • 80% of the metal cost of the lost ships (both your attacking ships, and any defending ships).
    • 80% of the crystal cost of the lost ships (both your attacking ships, and any defending ships).

    What this means is that AT CURRENT as a General, you lose 90% of the Deut cost of your ships, but retain 90% of the Metal and Crystal cost of your ships. If you would add Deuterium to Debris Fields, you would only ever lose the launch cost of the fleet (negligible in the grand scheme of things) and you would be able to recycle 90% of the TOTAL build cost of the lost ships. This would lead to an extremely unbalanced universe state.

    Start reaching out to your Deut suppliers if you are running low, or use the in-game Merchant to swap for it if you don't have anyone to trade with. The system is there for a reason. There is no need to investigate adding Deuterium to debris fields where the universe is already tipped HEAVILY in the favor of fleeters with the 80% ratio.

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  • funny how it’s the top 5 fleeters suggesting this with zero opponents on the uni :biggrin:

    let’s just further throw the balance of the uni more in your favor, why not :blackeye:

  • i think deut in df is the testing addition to some version, but in v10 when lifeforms hit, i think it'll be implemeented everywhere, i think it's the new feature that gf has been working on, and yes i'd sign for it anywhere, it increases ur profit by huge margins..

    [ .. Like it ROUGH .. ]

  • Deut in Debris fields has been around for a very long time, nothing about this feature is even remotely new.

    My major concern is that this universe already has massive profit increases with the baseline 80% fleet to debris field. I think such a high percentage should prohibit the addition of deut to debris field, especially with the additions of lifeforms and the enhancements provided by the General class. There is an existing universe which has 60% fleet to debris field, with deuterium added - this I feel is a reasonable maximum. The logic that other universes are using when looking for adding deuterium into debris fields is that there is no deut to buy from miners as they are spending it on lifeform researches. I personally am also spending my deut in this way. Rather than looking at ways to directly increase profits from attacks, we could look at ways to alter the resource split from a successful attack.

    Let me provide an example below to attempt to reinforce my point and to add some context.

    An example reasonable fleet of 50'000 Battlecruisers:

    50'000 BC's destroyed
    Deuterium Equivalent Deuterium Units (@ 3/2/1)
    Cost to build
    1.500.000.000 750.000.000
    80% Standard Debris Field 1.600.000.000 0
    80% with Deut Debris Field 1.600.000.000 600.000.000 1.800.000.000
    60% with Deut Debris Field
    900.000.000 450.000.000 1.350.000.000

    Using the ideal market rate (3/2/1, as this maximizes the value of deut and any deut trade can be found at this value), this means that 50'000 BC's costs an equivalent of deut to build, and produce a standard debris field (at 80% of the build costs) worth deut. This means that if you collect the debris field after losing 50k BCs, the net loss only equates to deut - or an equivalent loss of 46.67%.

    If instead you now add deuterium to the debris field for this uni (again - a reminder this is 80% which is VERY large), these equivalent losses drop from to 450.000.000 deut, a net loss of 20%. This is an effective saving of 43% of the effective deuterium loss when compared to current (~43% of 1.05b is 450m). This - is FAR too high, especially when these losses are excluding the ~10% free return you get from being a General Class account.

    If you are dead-set on adding deuterium to DF in Kerberos, I would only vote in agreement IF the fleet contribution to DFs was reduced from 80% to 60%. While this does increase your net deuterium equivalent losses from to 1.350.000.000, it does mean that there is a better availability of deut for fleeters in the form of debris fields and it also provides further added benefits for the General Class accounts.

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