Luna was right all along

  • Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

    I'm sorry it took me so long to understand, my parents are actually cousins, so my tiny brain is also completely smooth. Listen up GF, cause clearly Luna has seen way into the future, and I got a glimpse of it last night while making my favourite instant noodles, but mistaking bath for regular salt. Should probably keep those further apart. Anyway, I was fooled by the description of this game as 'money-management and space-war themed', but now I think I finally understand.

    Who needs light & heavy fighters, cruisers & battlecruisers and all the rest of that worthless garbage? don't get me started about recyclers, the mere concept is an insult. Why have defences when all we really need are mines? Might as well get rid of most of tech too, plasma and combustion are clearly the only useful ones. Who needs moons, when you can have mines? Finally we can all destroy our level 19 space docks and use those slots for something useful. Its obvious that all of the above (and some) are completely redundant, and should just be deleted from the game.

    The real challenge of ogame is finally obvious to me. Clearly there is only one measure of skill in this game, so here is my proposal: The first person to build a metal mine lvl 69 wins the server. No point going on after that, clearly they cannot be beaten. Afterwards, we can all go over to the next server, and do it all again! I can't wait to play Ogame 2:Luna's vision.

    When my proposal is implemented, I would like my commissions to be paid in Zimbabwean dollars, im gonna be a trillionare.

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