Lifeform problems.

  • a week ago i had 2 planets fully developed and they along with all others are now 30 pct less population and space. its like someone snapped his fingers (thanos) and they all died in some cruel bug or update from these game programers.

    anyone else had this happen to them? now all my planets have a grayed out slot of research as im much lower in population on every planet

  • now 30 pct less population and space. its like someone snapped his fingers (thanos) and they all died

    I'm pretty sure it would have been 50% if it was Thanos

    lets say its thanos's annoying little brother. did this crap happen to anyone else? should i open a ticket for this as its not normal to go down from 22bill or 30 bill people do around 16 billion and 20 billion.

    2 plantets were decimated by this weird bug ( and no they were not killed off in a raid) and ( i didnt deconstruct a bunch of high buildings which i spent probably 1 billion or more in resources)

    anyone else this happened to?

  • has anyone changed lifeforms on a planet from one useless one (kalesh) to rocktal or humans? i did that on 2 planets and thats when i noticed all this happening . i read about it where i could and it has no effect on other planets what i did. but i cant think of anything else.

  • Lifeforms are planet specific so changing lifeforms on one planet will not change population on other planets.

    If you do change lifeforms on a planet it will affect the population count on that planet because the buildings they are housed in are very different.

    It would have been good information to include in your original post.

  • yes, i thought that was obvious. its stated when you swap out of a civ lifeform for another it will go back to 0 and start from scratch. no issue there

    but my other (all planets) got severely damaged in population and housing . not instantly but lowered for almost a day as they all died off to come to the new limits . ill open a ticket on this and see what i get. maybe its my luck only.

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