Those people must always spoil the fun

  • This universe has sparked my interest. Slow fleet, slow economy, close enough to what the original game once was. Ok, the DF percent is quite off and it comes with a giant turd named Lifeforms, but you can't have all, can you?

    I decided to fire up an account and replay the start. Maybe, just maybe, i could enjoy an early game like it was supposed to be, which is quite a challenge by itself. Of course there might be whales, but i thought to myself: why someone would squander their money on a slow growth server like this one? At the first merge, all their efforts would turn out to be in vain.

    So it begins. With a careful start, a focus on optimization, and the majority of the initial DM spent into mines i manage to sneak into the low-end of the top 100. As i was considering a small purchase to get the commanding staff, enjoy the extra rewards of the login event and further consolidate myself, i fire up the scoreboard and...

    Ugh! Those people cannot leave one single server alone. They're like cockroaches, they infest everything. So long to my pipe dream of having at least a semblance of fair competition.

    I'm already in uni1 where i have to deal with oversized Mastercard players and their desire to feed their ego. I don't need a second account where i would be in the exact same situation.

    Farewell Undae, it's been fun :)

    uni1.en - Supernoob

  • The only thing they get from this dm spam, is to be at the top of a uni until it merges. In a year or two at the most, they'll be force merged with the older servers. After any merge they won't be close to the top with x2 eco.

  • Neotinea

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  • For profit I understand the change, but the new changes showing icons and list of spy reports where I can see more by double clicking, reminds me of changes done in multinational companies, where undereducated people aka management positions are taking bad decisions to justify their jobs and salaries.To mark the boxes of big brother agenda.

    Just a thought in the dark.