Enable Deut into DF in all old unis

  • Yes I support this as well,

    Miners will benefit from this when they farm inactives with def.

    I have been testing this in Alpha with huge def and love the deut in the df,

    As a miner, we will All benefit from it big time, so bring it on :thumbsup:

  • 30% Deut on DF

    3600 Satelites 1200 Crawlers

    who is less than 1Mn deut of flight away to make a cost free flight

    This is free flight for 1000 Reapers 60 systems away

    I think this hurts miners alot but makes it easy fuel for fleeters

    What is next? reduce Deut consumption?

  • The feature doesn't hurt miners at all.

    Even if you have billion points in economy, you can power it all with 10k sats at most, which is 1.5M deut in debris. Completely insignificant.

    This is very similar to miners being against higher DF % when they don't even have any fleet to be concerned about.


  • i was about to say that yeah uni has started with 1x eco and 30df and 20years later miners have 8 eco fleeters have same df, so miners benefited 8x but a 1m deut for fleeters for 2hour flight is outrageous benefits just cant allow this here, but hay wouldn't want to spoil em damn fleeters to hell with them all, but im too mature to have outrage like this so i will instead say this my friend

    i appreciate your input as this topic should be discused and views of all players in uni taken into the account and no opinion is better than other especially not mine so here it is my counter argument

    a big bad fleeter flying to crash your crawlers overnight ( looking at you GKP ) is not going to concern himself with a loss or gain of fuel, most of the times it will be done even at a loss

    so in conclusion number of crawlers + sats crashes will not increase due this change as majority of them happens for *reasons

    ps GKP never crashed my sats ( yet ha ) i just like to stir sheet up

    hope you appreciate my mature and constructive response

  • no cause deut consumption keeps getting voted away, with ingame poll.

    thats the reason DiDF is requested here cause it might very well be voted away in ingame poll aswell.