Restarting a game

  • Greetings. I've just opted into a new game and I'm not happy with the planet I was attributed within my system. reason why i'm not content with it is becaue it offers no special advantages at all in contrast to my neighbors in my sytem. I'd like to remedy this, but I'm not about to dish out money for 240 000 dark matter.

    so my question is: How do I proceed to abandon this planet and retry again in the hopes of getting a better position?
    SPecifically, I dont want to get a planet on position 4, 5, 11 and 12 because they suck and its effectively shooting yourself in the leg staying in those positions.

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  • Why don't you just continue playing till you can get yourself a colony. You can do that within 1-2 days of playing with little effort.

    Find a colony that you want to keep and then abandon the first planet.

  • Get one or two colonies and abandon your starting planet. You want to do that anyway because the homeplanet's size is too small, too few building slots for late game.

    Mikael - Perseus

  • Go Disco class and create an alliance for yourself, or join one with researcher then when you are ready delete any of your planets aim for slot 8 do not accept any planets under 300 fields you can do this if you are discovery class. And you get 5% bigger planets if you have research alliance.

    if you create an alliance for yourself you will have 2 weeks to wait to be able to activate the research class for free, in the mean time get your astro up build on the planets so you get a good production once your ready you can delete them but keep some so you do not cripple your production.

    they can be deleted later down the track.

    you can get planet fields up to and who knows beyond 350 fields you will never run out of space you may have to burn through some colony ships but it is so worth doing good luck.