Procedure to create a poll for Ingame specification changes

  • Hello all,

    As many of you knows, it's now possible to ask for an Univers Spec change. But it's very hard these days because the procedure is not clearly defined (or shared?). It's very hard to get enough vote on the board to set the poll ingame. In fact, most of the players don't have a Board account. Several players told me too they encounter problem to create one too. For example, we are struggling to get a poll in Mathilde but I followed the thread of Narvi that finally manage to get the poll after weeks and weeks of discussion.

    Here are some of the unanswered questions:

    How much vote should we expect?

    Is it related to the number of active players on the server?

    Is there any other settings we don't know?

    So, here's my idea to improve this very frustating process.

    1) The rules will no be modified. A specification change could only been done once every 6 month. Which seems correct.

    2) First asking must be done on the Board, as now, in the taevrn. But it will only be the begining of the procedure.

    3) The clock starts. A deadline should be set. 1 Month after first request, the poll will start ingame. In this time, everyone that will, can ask for the setting they wanna change (Economy speed, war speed, deut in DF,...). 1 Month is more than enough for everyone to give their opinion and see the board thread.

    4) The poll start ingame with all the requested features purposed on the board.

    5) Specification change is done after few days (as now)

    In the dead-universe as we are in Mathilde, it's almost impossible to go through the actual process. We received around 15 votes on the board (+maybe few by ticketing support). We have around 150 active players so it means around 10% have given their minds. We already spammed all active players ingame to ask for them to post on the board. Only very few have done it. For example, Narvi were in the same situation but the ingame polls (economy speed increase from 4 to 8x) gave a 37 YES against 2 NO. So we can assume that the problem is going to the board and not that the spec change are insterestless.

    For the ones who think we signed for the settings when we startded on the server, here are some arguments for change:

    First, the feature is already present and so it's not a new things, Secondly, the universes are starving quickeer and quicker, which means we will merge quickly too. And so we will merge with universe that have 8x or 10x economy speed. If we want to stay competitive against others after merging, we need to match the same economy speed.

    Thank you for reading and feel free to give your opinion.

    9x9 [BAD] - Mathilde top3 General, top 2 Economy