• Hello,

    i wrote about relocation of plates at FAQ but i still wondering at two thinks:

    1) If my main planet stat at position no. 8 do i get 35% more steel or this bonus start from planet no. 2?

    2) Can i relocation planets from 4-12 to 1-3 position? In FAQ is written, that after some update you can move your planet whereever you like and i am confiuse :crazy:

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

  • Hello bienio122 ,

    1/ If you move to position 1 (for example), you won't get the metal bonus but the crystal bonus. The bonus of the old position is not kept.

    2/ As long as your Astrophysics is at least level 8, you can move anywhere. If the logo for relocation appears in blue (as in my screenshot below), this means that moving to this position is possible.

  • Ok, thanks a lot :D so to easy words, its possible to relocae the planet anywhere i want but i need to have astrophysic :)

    And to have very godd start better have planet at position no. 8? :P If i delete (abandom) main planet at begining of universe i will get new one? How many times can i abandon main planet? Is there any limit for this behavior?

  • Planet 8 gives the most metal bonus.

    There is no limit for abandoning any planet as long as you have at least 1 planet.

    So no possible START FROM begining to get this position 8? i mean at start of server i would like to restart the account to get position no. 8 and no paid for relocation. Is it possible to restart the account?

  • You start with your home planet and when you take your second planet you can abandon your home planet and take a new planet where you want it.

    Ok, i know that relocation will not work but:

    can i restart account from the beginning to have fresh start? Can i restart the account to 0 all over again? is any delay time for this or no such possible?

  • If you create an account but don't touch it (no construction, nothing at all), logically, after a week it deletes itself.

    But, in my opinion, there's no question about it. Your Home Planet is destined to be destroyed. With all the x6 and x8 universes, it's filling up too fast and your first planet has to be deleted at some point. So I'd advise you to delete it fairly quickly (usually when you have 3 or 4 planets) and not to worry about its starting position.

  • If i delete some planet i will lost all fleet which have been producted at that planet? even if i sent to have stby at some another my planet?